6th April 2017

Class 1 
       Specialist Pot Plant (pansy)
          max 15cm (6”) pot


Class 2 
Foliage Pot Plant
     max 20cm (8”) pot


Class 3
Flowering Pot Plant
max 20cm (8”) pot   


Class 4
Vase of Flowers from your garden

          (flowering shrubs may be included)


Class 5
Bowl/Pot of growing bulbs


Class 6
One Tulip, any variety,

      to be displayed in bottle provided


Class 7 
Floral Art

               An exhibit - 18’’ overall

 “Happy Birthday”

No artificial material allowed



Class  8
3 Decorated Cup Cakes     




 Entry Free


1     All exhibits in classes 1-6 must be the property of and grown by the exhibitor.


2    The exhibitor may not enter more than one exhibit in any class.


3    All exhibits must be staged by 7.30pm on the night of the show.



4     Points will be awarded as follows:

1st = 3 Points     2nd = 2 Points 
rd = 1 Point


5    Vases and plates must be supplied by exhibitors. — except for class 6 where bottles will be provided


6    No exhibit to be removed before Awards Presentation.





The Chilton Cup  
A perpetual trophy to the exhibitor gaining the 
highest overall points


Cabbage Walking Stick    
A perpetual award for the winner of the Specialist Pot Plant