All seeds should be kept in a cool dry place, and many will remain viable for 
several years.  An old biscuit tin is ideal, stored in a cool place.  Do not 
leave any seeds in the greenhouse as heat generated can be too warm for the seeds.  
Also remember mice are very partial to many types of seed.

When choosing your seeds from the catalogue there are some important things to 
bear in mind:  
Choose subjects that crop well, are grown easily and, if you are interested, 
will produce specimens for your local show.


Broad Beans: BUNYARDS EXHIBITION (at least 70 years old) Cabbage: GREYHOUND - small pointed heart, very early PRIMO - a good summer variety, round hearted RED DRUMHEAD - cooked or pickled Runner Beans: ACHIEVEMENT - white flowers, green bean or dried butter bean. ENORMA - a good cropper, flavour and show variety. Can be sown in greenhouse or frame. French Bean: THE PRINCE - good cropper and show variety HOLLAND WINTER - good hardy type SAVOY, ORMSKIRK LATE - good realiable local Carrot: AMSTERDAM FORCING - early NEW RED INTERMEDIATE - late, good for storing Cauliflower: SNOWBALL - sowing inside for early use ALL THE YEAR ROUND - general use Courgette F1 DEFENDER Leeks: MUSSELBURG - hardy, old variety, most popular Lettuce: Butterhead UNRIVALLED, TOM THUMB Crisphead CHALLENGE, SET, GREAT LAKES Cos LOBJOITS, GREEN Squash: COBNUT Sweetcorn: SUNDANCE Tomato: SHIRLEY, MONEYMAKER SUNGOLD - cherry type Cucumber: CARMEN, TELEGRAPH Potatoes: KESTREL - early, good cropper, show variety DESIREE - Delia's favourite, all purpose CHARLOTTE - good all rounder, salad Onions: (sets) STURON (seeds) AILSA CRAIG, BEDFORD, CHAMPION